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Artistic inspiration is everywhere; you just have to be open to seeing it. For the Behind the Chair Stylist Choice Awards Artistic Presentation, Sam Villa and his ArTeam* channeled their inner warriors. Strong models dressed in couture armor made of leather, silk, metal and chiffon portrayed the fierce spirit of warriors, along with their vulnerability. Black and white, strong and soft, shiny and dull – it kept the audience guessing. Hair took on a similar juxtaposition – soft, full, texturized updo’s and blunt fringe were spiked with shiny metal thorns… jet-black hair exploded with white accents and paler than pale blonde blew up the stage.

Andrew Carruthers, Geneva Cowen, Rafael Bertelli and Stephane Legros. Other credits include:

co artistic direction, co production and wardrobe styling provided by: Pascal & Jeremie from PJ Concept and makeup artist Marie Laure Larrieu. Collaboration represented Redken 5th Avenue NYC at the Behind the Chair Stylist’s Choice Award Show.

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