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WOW, what an incredible launch!

P&J is so proud to be part

of DAVINES grand premier in Montreal.

Over 500 stylists and industry peeps queued up at the SAT, a multidisciplinary arts venue in downtown Montreal, for the official launch and a first glimpse at the collection created by the newly-formed Davines Quebec artistic team on Sunday, March 8, 2015.

Led by visionary artist Anna Pacitto, co-owner of Pure salon and Aura Distribution – that will be distributing the eco-friendly, Italian line – , world-renowned hairstylists Isabelle Lachance, Daniel Benoit and Antoine Vadacchino showcased a stunning collection featuring elegant, dreamy and über-modern hair, all at once.

One segment was all super couture and editorial, while the second played on a decidedly more urban vibe.

Anthony Molet, CEO Davines North America, as well as Pier Paolo Brandolini, VP of sales Davines North America were both in attendance to cheer the launch of this new exciting addition to the professional hairstylist market in Quebec.

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